Kobe Debuts The Nike Zoom Kobe IV “Venom” In Miami

Posted in Uncategorized by ayb984 on December 20, 2008






So I was wrong.  I thought that the Nike Hyperdunk/ZK IV Hybrid experiment was an indication of Kobe’s scepticism about rocking a true low top.  But here we are today with Kobe actually wearing these shoes in an NBA game.  Both Nike and Kobe are being extremely bold in emphasizing the low nature of the shoe.  Nike’s boldness could backfire in the shoe selling terribly.  Basketball players could reject them as well.  Kobe could roll his ankle and the whole world will say, “Ha, told you!”

Nike is clearly cutting down material to constantly tout its brand as having the lightest basketball shoe ever.  This is a completely legitimate unique selling point.  They did that with the Nike Hyperdunk and have now done it with the Nike Zoom Kobe IV.  It sure is a better selling point that adidas’ gayass “Brotherhood” campaign.  The only thing left for Nike to do is to come out with a basketball sandal that performs like a sneaker.  I’m calling it right now.  But then again, I’ve been wrong before.

Kobe’s clear inspiration for this shoe was soccer.  After all, soccer is the sport closest to basketball.  Therefore, Kobe wanted his next signature sneaker to mimic a soccer cleat.  This “Venom” shoe, however, pays homage to Venom of the Spiderman series.  Notice the webbing details all over the shoe.  This is the first of the gazillion colorways to come out in the coming months, so save up.  Kobe and Nike are schemin’ to take your money!


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