Sneaker Update: Kobe Bryant Debuts Zoom Kobe IV/Hyperdunk Hybrid

Posted in Uncategorized by ayb984 on November 3, 2008

Last night in Denver Kobe shocked the sneaker community by debuting a new sneaker that includes the upper of a Nike Hyperdunk along with the tooling of the Zoom Kobe IV. While it was an under the radar move and there’s no word on any such shoe releasing, there’s several ways to analyze the move by Nike and Kobe.

Both the Hyperdunk and Zoom Kobe IV feature identical cushioning set-ups, with heel Zoom Air and Lunar Foam units embedded into the midsole, but the lone difference between the two is surely in the traction department. The Kobe IV features a perfectly squeaky and trusty herringbone pattern along the entire forefoot, while the Hyperdunk incorporates recessed grooves to handle its traction duties, and can become a bit slippery once some dust collects. Did Kobe switch simply for better traction? Both shoes have a similarly exacting support outrigger, carbon fiber spring plate and a radiused heel for great heel-to-toe transition. Or, is Kobe not yet ready to debut his 5/8 cut Zoom Kobe IV, and for now relying on the higher cut of the Hyperdunk? My guess is that although the Zoom Kobe 4 will have a more casual appeal to it, Kobe simply cannot wear a low-top shoe to play at such a high level.  Therefore, it has the cosmetics of the Zoom Kobe 4, with the basketball fit of the Hyperdunk.  We’ll see if he ever rocks the true Zoom Kobe 4 full-on in an actual game.


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