Hollyweird Livin’: Lights, Camera, Action, Showtime!

Posted in Uncategorized by ayb984 on October 31, 2008

First off, I would like to congratulate Andrew Bynum on a Happy 21st Birthday.  I’m sure this dude can drink anyone under the table given his size.  But Bynum’s age isn’t the only thing that’s changed about him.  Sure, he’s leaner and more muscular.  Sure, he’s older and wiser.  But there’s something else.  Oh, that’s right, the California sunshine and the glitzy LA lifestyle has finally gotten to Andrew Bynum.  Look at this 21 year-old kid throw money in the air at his birthday bash at an LA club this past week.  He’s even throwing the Rocafella Diamond in the sky.  Hahahaha!  What would Phil think?

Kids these days…

We all know Sasha went Hollyweird and will continue to do so.  Ask any girl and she will say that she thinks Sasha is the “cutest” Laker.  You can’t pry Sasha away from the women and you sure as hell can’t pry the women away from Sasha.

We all know Kobe’s been a Hollyweird resident for over a decade.  In fact, Kobe went Hollyweird even when he was still a Lower Merion High School student by taking Brandy to his Senior Prom.  Then, came the drama with Shaq and now this.  Notice how he’s not wearing boxer briefs like the rest of those high-profile guys.  That’s bargaining and negotiation skills baby!

Though you might think that this is just Laker-only club, we also tend to forget that the “other” Los Angeles team is also prone to go Hollyweird, too.  Baron Davis travelled 360 miles to go Hollyweird by rollersgayting in short shorts and a women’s spaghetti strap tank-top.

What’s next?  Pau coming out with a beard trimming set or a beard-specific line of shampoo and conditioner?  I suppose only time will tell…


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