Stacy Elizabeth Beshear Wants To Taste Herself Some Luke Walton

Posted in Uncategorized by ayb984 on October 8, 2008

LOS ANGELES (AP) ― A 34-year-old woman has been charged with stalking Los Angeles Lakers forward Luke Walton.

Police Sergeant Steve Tobias said Stacy Elizabeth Beshear of El Segundo was arrested Sept. 18 after she pulled up to Walton’s car and pretended to fire gunshots at him with her hand.

Beshear has pleaded not guilty to a misdemeanor count of stalking. A Nov. 6 trial date has been set in the case. District attorney spokeswoman Jane Robison said Beshear faces up to a year in county jail if convicted.

Walton said Beshear has been harassing him since late last year.

He told The Orange County Register she waited outside his Manhattan Beach home numerous times and wrote on his car with a marker after he refused to sign an autograph.

Walton said Beshear is “not all there in the head.”

Hahahahahahhahaha!  Man everyone wants a piece of Luke.  He’s just too lovable.  All-American smile, Arizona Wildcat, dog park frequenter (if that’s a word).  His image is so clean I bet he could pull off being a trusty car salesman and even sell you some insurance if he really wanted to.  Luke Weezy all day.  By the way I posted her mug shot as small as possible for obvious reasons…wow…just wow.

This is Luke Walton in mack-daddy mode when he wants to get at orange-skinned, platinum blonde, Newport Beach bitches.

This Asian lady seems to want to saute Luke in a wok with assorted vegetables and some soy sauce.

Shit, he’s even irresistible to black men.


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