“A-Train” Is Born…Kind Of.

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First off, I would like to congratulate Andrew on the massive 4-year, $58 million contract extension!  That’s one richass 21 year-old.  The following confirms that Andrew Bynum is now attempting to be “fabulous” along with Sasha and Kobe.

Recently in an interview with Kurt Rambis on AM 570 KLAC, the radio guys stated that they heard Andrew Bynum trying to push a new nickname (A-Train) for himself to the public so that it’ll catch on.  Sound familiar guys?  Both Kobe and Sasha (still debated to this day) are guilty of this little gay thing called “making up your own nickname.”  Kurt admits that no one in the locker room actually calls Andrew, “A-Train,” which means that he is indeed pushing it himself.  Hahahah.  Big game, big pockets, big head.  LA all day 08-09!


Hollyweird Livin’: Lights, Camera, Action, Showtime!

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First off, I would like to congratulate Andrew Bynum on a Happy 21st Birthday.  I’m sure this dude can drink anyone under the table given his size.  But Bynum’s age isn’t the only thing that’s changed about him.  Sure, he’s leaner and more muscular.  Sure, he’s older and wiser.  But there’s something else.  Oh, that’s right, the California sunshine and the glitzy LA lifestyle has finally gotten to Andrew Bynum.  Look at this 21 year-old kid throw money in the air at his birthday bash at an LA club this past week.  He’s even throwing the Rocafella Diamond in the sky.  Hahahaha!  What would Phil think?

Kids these days…

We all know Sasha went Hollyweird and will continue to do so.  Ask any girl and she will say that she thinks Sasha is the “cutest” Laker.  You can’t pry Sasha away from the women and you sure as hell can’t pry the women away from Sasha.

We all know Kobe’s been a Hollyweird resident for over a decade.  In fact, Kobe went Hollyweird even when he was still a Lower Merion High School student by taking Brandy to his Senior Prom.  Then, came the drama with Shaq and now this.  Notice how he’s not wearing boxer briefs like the rest of those high-profile guys.  That’s bargaining and negotiation skills baby!

Though you might think that this is just Laker-only club, we also tend to forget that the “other” Los Angeles team is also prone to go Hollyweird, too.  Baron Davis travelled 360 miles to go Hollyweird by rollersgayting in short shorts and a women’s spaghetti strap tank-top.

What’s next?  Pau coming out with a beard trimming set or a beard-specific line of shampoo and conditioner?  I suppose only time will tell…

Lamar Odom Being O-Dumb…Again…

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Lamar has had his problems with using his head in the past.  Lakers assistant coach, Kurt Rambis, even once mentioned that on a given play, Kurt would swear that Lamar should take it to the hole using his left, but actually goes right.  Other times, Kurt would swear that Lamar should go his right, but actually goes left.  This is the eternal mental struggle that Lamar Odumb has with himself night in and night out.

Tonight was no exception.  In an otherwise nasty display of Laker offensive superiority over the Blazers in Greg Oden’s debut NBA game, Lamar boneheadedly chooses to pass to Sasha Vujacic on the bench instead of someone on the court.  Hilarious.  However, Sasha’s childish grin of utter confusion was just as priceless.

However, this isn’t the first time Lamar passed the ball to someone not on his team.  He’s even passed it to a referee before.  Check this nice chest pass to a referee during a Laker – Pistons matchup.  Kobe’s reaction is just hilarious.

And of course, who can forget the time when he inbounded the ball himself because he confused a referee with a teammate.  Lamar…referees wear grey, teammates wear purple and gold!

Lakers 112 vs. Raptors 89

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After 2 weeks of some uninspiring preseason basketball, the Lakers are finally starting to really gel.  For the most part, Phil has been tinkering with different combinations of players out on the court to see which unit can do what.  The Lakers are such a deep team that we don’t just have 5 starters with the remaining players filling up the 2nd and 3rd units.  Instead, we have 2 very strong units with all 10 guys really able to start or come off the bench.  That means that instead of the 5 best players in the starting lineup and the 6th-10th best players in the 2nd unit, the Lakers have the luxury of mixing and matching 10 core guys according to what the situation calls for.  Phil can put out big and thick rebounding units like Powell, Kobe, Fisher, Bynum, and Mbenga or he can put out light and quick units like Farmar, Odom, Ariza, Pau and Sasha.  The combinations are endless.

For those of you have been watching Laker preseason the starting lineup as of late has been composed of Fisher, Kobe, Radmanovic, Gasol, and Bynum.  Then, instead of wholesale substitutions, we’ll have a lineup with Kobe, Farmar, Ariza, Odom, and Bynum.  Therefore, Phil is able to keep half the starters in with some quickness added to it.  Then, when those starters get tired, the rested starters who came out first can come in later on.  This means that the Lakers could potentially always have 2-3 starters out on the floor at all times with the other starters resting more frequently.  This is ridiculous.  I don’t even know if we will ever be able to get to our 3rd unit of guys unless we’re smashing by 20 or something in the 4th.  Our 3rd unit is basically the equivalent of other teams’ 2nd unit in terms of talent.

Now I know the heading says “Lakers 112 vs. Raptors 89,” but this website is not about sports analysis per se.  The only thing you need to know about this particular game is…

1. Laker defense is looking gangster a la Celtics or Spurs.  The Laker lineup is so big now that we take up so much space on defense.  Now we can zone up by sagging off a bit, while allowing a 1,2, or 3 to roam around the perimeter.  This will ignite our fast break.

2. Kobe is looking for his shot more and more, thus making these meaningless games more entertaining.

3. Jermaine O’Neal was looking like his old self somewhat.  Lookout for him and Bosh this year.

4. Andreas Bargnani is still fake as hell.  The Leastern Conference’s equivalent to Dirk Fakevitzki.

5. Two of our most athletic and quick guys, Jordan Farmar and Trevor Ariza, are becoming our two-man fast break squad.  Sick Sick Sick.

6. Jordan Farmar can flat out jump.

Kobe Skills Academy: The Left-Handed Shot

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Remember last summer when Kobe wanted to work on defense?  All that paid off because he was able to get in the passing lanes better and was a better help-defender.  All that weight he shed that summer enabled him to dunk a gang, too.  However, his position defense suffered a bit because of his smaller size.  Can’t have everything.

Well this summer, Kobe told KCAL 9 that he worked on his left-hand shooting ability, particularly for his interior game.  I’m not sure exactly why if he was hitting left-handed shots like this a few years ago.  I’m sure he wants to revisit these this season.

Stacy Elizabeth Beshear Wants To Taste Herself Some Luke Walton

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LOS ANGELES (AP) ― A 34-year-old woman has been charged with stalking Los Angeles Lakers forward Luke Walton.

Police Sergeant Steve Tobias said Stacy Elizabeth Beshear of El Segundo was arrested Sept. 18 after she pulled up to Walton’s car and pretended to fire gunshots at him with her hand.

Beshear has pleaded not guilty to a misdemeanor count of stalking. A Nov. 6 trial date has been set in the case. District attorney spokeswoman Jane Robison said Beshear faces up to a year in county jail if convicted.

Walton said Beshear has been harassing him since late last year.

He told The Orange County Register she waited outside his Manhattan Beach home numerous times and wrote on his car with a marker after he refused to sign an autograph.

Walton said Beshear is “not all there in the head.”

Hahahahahahhahaha!  Man everyone wants a piece of Luke.  He’s just too lovable.  All-American smile, Arizona Wildcat, dog park frequenter (if that’s a word).  His image is so clean I bet he could pull off being a trusty car salesman and even sell you some insurance if he really wanted to.  Luke Weezy all day.  By the way I posted her mug shot as small as possible for obvious reasons…wow…just wow.

This is Luke Walton in mack-daddy mode when he wants to get at orange-skinned, platinum blonde, Newport Beach bitches.

This Asian lady seems to want to saute Luke in a wok with assorted vegetables and some soy sauce.

Shit, he’s even irresistible to black men.

Obey Kobe!

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Peep this new screen t-shirt by my homies over at OVRLK Clothing.  Shirts can be purchased in Laker Gold or Purple at  Perfect way to kick off the season.  And yes, that is Mr. Warren G!