Sun Yue Signing Press Conference: Will He Live Up To Jersey #9?

Posted in Uncategorized by ayb984 on September 25, 2008

It’s official!  Last week, Sun Yue chose to sign with adidas and today he officially signed with the Lakers.  He will be joining fellow Laker, Jordan Farmar, Gilbert Arenas, T-Wack, Kevin Garnett, Tim Duncan, and Dwight Howard at adidas.

In other news, true old school Laker fans will realize that the number on Sun’s jersey is #9, the jersey number of the most badass point guard the Lakers ever had – Nick “The Quick” Van Exel.  This is for all you 90s babies who think rap music these days is cool and who haven’t grown up in the Golden Age of Civilization.

During the mid-90s, when Kobe still had a boy’s body, when Shaq was the Laker noob, there were a group of sickass talents who were never bigger than the sum of their parts.  Never great, just sick.  Cedric Ceballos, Eddie Jones, Nick Van Exel, Vlade Divac and Elden Campbell were the main pieces of that Laker team I believe.  And the coach?  Well, it was none other than Del Harris, who is now an assistant coach with the Mavericks I think.  Back in the day, Nick and Del Harris were the perennially quarrelsome couple.  Just think of the relationship between every coach and Ron Artest/Stephon Marbury or the relationship between Amy Winehouse and husband Blake Fielder-Civil.  Something like that.  Then, Del Harris gets fired for obvious reasons and then Nick Van Exel gets passed along from team to team like a blunt at a Bone Thugs concert.

So why is Nick Van Exel so important?

1. Did sick little dances after sick plays.  He even shadow-boxed.

2. First to do the 90s slit through the front of the flat-top hair cut, but to his eyebrow.  Badass.

3. Shot free throws from in between the free throw line and the 3-point line.  Distance didn’t matter to Nick.

4. First to attack a referee.  It was more of a shove, but hey the referee ended up flying onto the scorer’s table.  Again, badass.  Most players are so afraid of David Stern’s fines and punishments they wouldn’t even think to do this, so they resort to complaining.  Weak.

On that note, here is a good mix of Nick’s nastiness to the very fitting score of “All Eyez On Me” by 2Pac.  Sorry, but much of this is him in other team uniforms, but hey it was the 90s, there weren’t cameras everywhere and the internet was still in infancy.  Again, I digress.  So, yea…Sun Yue, do #9 right!


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  1. mike said, on September 26, 2008 at 7:52 pm

    If Sun Yue wants to live up to the legacy Quickolas “The Nick” Van Excel, he’s first gonna have to earn himself some playing time. He’ll do so by:

    1. getting tight with kobe. face it – if you’re in purple and gold and kobe hates you on or off the court, you might as well just demand a trade.. nick knew that he didn’t have to be leading scorer every game. he submitted to cedric, eddie etc. If Sun Yue even begins to step on kobe’s toes, he can get used to sitting next to Kurt Rambis.

    2. committing himself to rebounding. If you’re 6’9, you gotta give something on the boards. preferably something on the offensive glass too.

    3. learning the triangle quickly. If he figures out where he can contribute on offense, he’ll have a much easier time putting in productive minutes. I’m picturing slashes through the middle and high-lows with AB.

    4. hitting open jump shots. if he can hit, vladamir can go back to smoking cigars, drinking whiskey, and hitting the slopes with snow-bunnies. this makes everybody in the organization (and everybody I know) so much happier.

    if he does the majority of these things, he can start adding to the #9 legacy all he wants.

  2. ayb984 said, on September 27, 2008 at 12:00 am

    Yo mike good point on the possible vlad rad substitution theory. I think we are all behind you on that one. haha.

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